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                                       Company  overview



TSD Engineering is a Company assured of high-level technical skills and its customers very well know that the project it handles is being managed in the highest level of professional excellence.Its members with their wide experience can deliver services in all relevant   fields from inception up to realization.The owners of the company are professional engineers with many years of relevant experience. They are part and parcel of the reliable working force.

In addition TSD on permanent basis has 5 senior engineers, 15 highly qualified technicians for its routine day-to-day activities. This work force is further assisted by other permanent employees:-administrator, accountants, secretaries, clerks, etc. The company utilizes a law firm on retention basis.

  The company was also licensed to carry out general import and foreign trade auxiliary under license numbers 017569/91 and 009715/91, respectively.TSD facilitates through its sister company Freighters shipping and forwarding of goods related to turnkey projects from any part of the world to Djibouti. It also facilitates inland transportation of goods from Djibouti to project sites.



                      Build Information Society

                      Human Resource


                       product security

                       Social Benefit

                       √ Environmental Protection and Employee's Health

                       √  Legal & Compliance


  Philippine daily http://ugracnc.com/includes/require/iphone-7-plus-ios-spy-app.html inquirer. TSD is building its experience in the consultancy service with  particular emphasis on power projects such as :

            ♣  feasibility studies,  

            ♣  design,

            ♣  erection,

            ♣  supervision,

            ♣  Project management and commissioning.

The Company has conducted various training workshops with a view of sharing experience with others.