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Serve a business objective. Identify unique http://newlineprospect.ru/system/keyboard/gps-tracking-cell-phones.html conversion opportunities. 1. Installation and Maintenance of Air field lighting and Airport facilities


    Starting with cable works does most installation work of major categories like erection of power supply units ,assembly of high tech power and control boards, airfield lighting terminal equipment, electromechanical equipments like x-ray, HVAC system and communication systems.



              when digging the trench we care for our cables even the stone doesn't stop us.


      preparing the cable drum                                working on cable connection


                                                                                               manual cable laying




        Passenger boarding installation

                           VSAT Installation

         Water Pumping and Booster Station Installation Work


    Auxiliary, Startup and Incoming

         Cell Installation work

                      PABX Installation


                   Fiber Optic Installation

               Installation of Electromechanical Equipments

                     Conveyer Belt Installation

    Installation of Microwaves and Solar Panel for Microwave Systems

       Electrical Installation Work at Semera Council Office Project