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This will be punctuated by the testy lunar eclipse on april 4 in your 7th house of relationships. From december 9th forward:. Through binoculars and small telescopes; These are detailed in the main text below. For the whole tamil year until 13th april 2016, based. Always gathering information in their brains for use at some future time when they require it.

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In addition to years, the chinese zodiac is also traditionally used to label times day, with each sign corresponding to a large- hour or shichen (), which is a two-hour period. If they manage to go beyond the differences between them, they will have much to learn from each other.

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In western astrology the zodiac is not connected to the constellations in the sky. Early nursery rhymes stated there were thirteen months in a year because of the natural moon cycle that was used to count the lunar year.

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